The Story of BasedEdge with Lil B
Today hip hop culture has issues, issues I believe can be solved with love. A lot of rappers rap about drugs as something that numbs their pain from mental illness. They self medicate, and their young fans do the same. I feel them and I’m not saying rappers signed up to be role models, but the drug abuse has gone to far. The root to the problem is depression and love is the answer.
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been setting waves and setting trends. I use media to spread love and talk to the people. Now I specifically see the need for a wave that washes away drug abuse and mental illness. To see young kids in hip hop culture normalise and abuse heavy drugs breaks my heart. “Based Edge” is my way to do something about it. It’s a very rare movement and I want you to be a part of it.

To start this movement I've decided to hijack all the names on heavy drugs being used in hip hop culture and give them new meanings. From now on all these names are based snacks. My snacks are definitely special. I’ve put my passion and love and vibes into them. The maximum great taste gives you energy and makes you feel good. My snacks are symbols for saying no to drugs. Eat them, give them away, enjoy them and start the conversation about why drug abuse exists.
"We need to see these people, pick them up like babies and cuddle them."
Mental illness is the main reason for abusing drugs. Recent years we've lost great artist because of drugs used as self medication. People die! People should not die because of mental illness. We need to see these people, pick them up like babies and cuddle them. When people are seen and loved mental illness can be treated.

I want to help people suffering from mental illness and drug abuse. I want to show them that on the other side of depression there is a life that's amazing to live. I am here to comfort people. I chose my job to be a healer. I took that position. I want to be a healer. I want to help.  And that is my big thing. We all have choices. It's about doing things that you really love. Cause it feels good. It feels amazing to wake up everyday and feel like, I love my job, I love my life, I hope I don't die. For real. Like, I don't want to die right now! I want everyone to feel that.

Drugs are real. They exist just like trees exist. We can see them and touch them. But drugs are bad and trees are good. We need to see the difference between things and say no to things that are bad for us and for people we love. Say no to drugs, and say yes to snacks and mental health awareness.

I love you - Lil B